In the heart of hope, where dreams take flight,
Pledge4Peace stands, a beacon bright.
Where hearts unite and visions align,
To solve the world's problems, one pledge at a time.

With each pledge, a promise made,
To heal the wounds of every shade.
For in our unity, we find the key,
To unlock a future where all are free.

From hunger's grip to poverty's plight,
We pledge our resources to set things right.
With every dollar, every cent,
We build a world where love is meant.

ISRAEL and PALESTINE 75+ Years Old Conflict - Let's Build Peace in Holy Land (A) Design Peace Agreement (B) Pledge to Invest and Visit Once Peace is Achieved
$1,234,700 Pledged Out Of $20,000,000 of Goal
Tourism Pledge: $13,000
Investment Pledge: $1,221,700
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